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Kodu Preview 1.1.0

Game programming environment for kids

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  • Hansen Chen

    by Hansen Chen

    It is great because you can put characters and program it! It is GRREATT!.   More

  • Charlie Reay

    by Charlie Reay

    its really good! it inspires kids to be video game creators!!!.   More

  • Phong Trảm

    by Phong Trảm

    Kodu is very interesting .
    Kodu is a good and rewarding entertainment software.It is very interesting! I like it!..   More

  • Zahra Hassam

    by Zahra Hassam

    so creative.
    this game is famous in my school everyone in my school it is so good.   More

  • Shohei Lin

    by Shohei Lin

    this is fun.
    the koudu is very creativ and fun to do . it is like a mincraft you are coppying the idea..   More

  • by Anonymous

    Perfect for High School Tech Students.
    I first learned about and used kodu at Codeathon 2.0 i am a Sophomore at ...   More

  • by Anonymous

    absolutely amazing graphics and very intellectual .
    its an awesome intellectual programming app its safe for ki...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Kodu - Good and Bad....
    Kodu is great for all ages.. Heck I'm 43 and am designing a complex RPG game to share wi...   More