Kodu Preview 1.1.0

Game programming environment for kids


  • Original visual programming environment
  • Powerful yet easy to use editor
  • Includes lessons and sample games
  • Can also be run on an Xbox360


  • Limited selection of objects

Very good

What if you – or your kids – could create your own games? With Kodu now you can, and you don't even need any programming skills!

Kodu is a Microsoft experiment that's still in development. This means you can expect a few bugs and the odd crash, but other than that it's perfectly usable. And what you'll find in Kodu is going to be radically different from any other coding editor. It's a kid-oriented programming environment that lets anyone build their own games, without writing a single line of code.

Kodu features an eye-catching design that makes it feel like a game by itself. It includes lessons and sample games to get you started and make things even easier. You'll find a handful of ready-made objects, characters and obstacles, which you can arrange with keyboard and mouse and program with a special card system.

There are some obvious limitations to Kodu, as it's intended for kids with little or no experience in coding. Nevertheless it's a fun, colorful way to get them started in the hobby of creating videogames.

Kodu is an intuitive kid-oriented app with which you can easily create your own videogames – no coding skills required!



Kodu Preview 1.1.0

User reviews about Kodu

  • Hansen Chen

    by Hansen Chen

    It is great because you can put characters and program it! It is GRREATT!.   More

  • Charlie Reay

    by Charlie Reay

    its really good! it inspires kids to be video game creators!!!.   More

  • Phong Trảm

    by Phong Trảm

    Kodu is very interesting .
    Kodu is a good and rewarding entertainment software.It is very interesting! I like it!..   More

  • Zahra Hassam

    by Zahra Hassam

    so creative.
    this game is famous in my school everyone in my school it is so good.   More

  • Shohei Lin

    by Shohei Lin

    this is fun.
    the koudu is very creativ and fun to do . it is like a mincraft you are coppying the idea..   More

  • by Anonymous

    Perfect for High School Tech Students.
    I first learned about and used kodu at Codeathon 2.0 i am a Sophomore at ...   More